ProSoc TOURS hosts top quality teams across many different backgrounds like the Olympic Development Program (both state and regional levels), youth and adult teams from the United States and even local clubs around Germany. Our high quality staff brings teams on tours all across unique travel destinations in Europe such as; Germany, England, Denmark, Austria & Luxembourg. These tours combined soccer opportunities, professional games, and stadium tours with a wide array of cultural experiences. Teams had the opportunity to play in international tournaments and in friendly games, train with a professional coach from the area they are visiting, while also touring the state-of-the-art facility hosted by Red Bull Salzburg. Players also had the chance to expand their education by experiencing different cultures while sharing a meal with opposing teams.


    Along with professionally coordinated and organized soccer program, ProSoc TOURS also organizes sightseeing and cultural activities to enhance the international experience. Our teams have had stadium tours at Manchester United's "Old Trafford", Borussia Dortmund's "Signal Iduna Park" and also the "Allianz Arena" owned by the historic FC Bayern Munich, to name only a few! These activities include guided sightseeing excursions to historic sights, and team outings to professional matches are quite often the highlights of the tour and a great way to be exposed to the world around soccer!

  • 2019 Dortmund Trip

    BVB 09 Dortmund vs. Red Bull Leipzig



    ProSoc TOURS took the last trip of the year to Borussia Dortmund as one of the most attractive soccer clubs in not only Germany, but around the world of sports. We stopped by at the Deutsche Fussball museum for several hours taking in all the magnificent history of the country's past time in soccer and it was an amazing experience to see how Germany has developed the sport's infrastructure to four World Cup titles. Looking back at the behind the scenes of a ProSoc TOURS trip proved to be an unforgettable experience.


    To recharge the batteries before heading back home, we stopped by at the Christmas market of Dortmund and experience the greatest and largest Christmas tree in all of Europe! The people in Dortmund take great pride in their local traditions and always have a "chip" on their shoulder that translates on the pitch and the fans express that energy for their unyielding support. Finally, we took off to the Bundesliga's TOP game of the weekend with BVB VS RB Leipzig. 80.200 yellow and black fans came to the game to rally behind BVB Dortmund and what a game there was to be seen and experience. The derby was a spectacle to be seen with SIX goals and the final score of 3:3 the excitement and noise level of the entire stadium was amazing to experience for our ProSoc TOURS family and cannot wait to announce more trips for 2020! We wish everyone great holidays and happy new year.


    Follow us in Facebook and Instagram @prosoc_tours TODAY for our latest tours and information!

  • 2019 Shalke 04 Derby

    Shalke 04 vs. Fortuna Düsseldorf

    Destination: CITY OF A THOUSAND FIRES.

    What a day of fussball for fans of the beautiful game! ProSoc TOURS took a fantastic group of players and their families to VELTINS-Arena and has an amazing time. The ProSoc Bus took off in the early morning to Schalke 04 versus Fortuna Düsseldorf . It was smooth sailing from Ramstein to Gelsenkirchen for our players and parents and upon arrive, were welcomed by the Schalke 04 Youth coaches.


    The training session was a great opportunity for players to meet and play with professional youth Bundesliga coaches and the event was well organized with a mix of fun games and tough competition at the end. After the training, the players received a personal stadium tour and behind-the-scene experiences with also the personal time with the mascot, Erwin, on the stadium field!


    ProSoc TOURS participants were even able to watch some of the Shalke 04 professional players entering the locker room and seeing the press bombard players with questions in the media section developed to be a unique experience. "Erwin" then took the players and parents into their family section where everyone could enjoy the unbelievable game. The amazing views we had from our seats made ProSoc TOURS see very close feeling the ground rumble with Shalke fans and their chants! Clash of the titans is an understatement trying to describe the two German-giants as the game finished with an exciting SIX goals total with a 3:3 tie. At the end of the day it was a, unbelievable experience for many of our first-time tours goers and everyone got to see two American players on the field including Weston McKennie!


    Us over at ProSoc TOURS want to thank the players and amazing staff at Shalke 04. We also want to shout out all the players and parents from the USYS/ProSoc ACADEMY districts for registering and look forward to our next trips in Munich and Dortmund!


    Follow us in Facebook and Instagram @prosoc_tours TODAY for our latest tours and information!



    Destination: CITY OF LOVE.

    ProSoc TOURS took off with players across districts to Paris to go and enjoy a heated match between the US Women’s National Team and the country of Chile. From Paris to Ramstein, players and parents were ready to embark on a six hour journey to be diagnosed with “World Cup Fever”. After crossing the historic German-French border where many battles and events across history happened, the tour bus took a quick stop to eat a traditional French breakfast of croissant and coffee. After filling their bellies, players and parents were starting to feel awake and started chanting, “USA!, USA!, USA!”


    After several hours of driving and chanting, the families had time to experience Paris as a cultural epicenter for the world that included the iconic Louvre Museum. Everyone had a chance to experience Paris on their own to see all the amazing sights the city has to offer, as well as the amazing food. Some families took the time to head over to the Champs Elysées, others visited the Eifel tower. Those who wanted to relax before the big game also had a great time sitting on the bench watching the cruise ships on the River Seine passing by.


    Finally, we took off and drove to the stadium “Prinzen Park”, the home stadium of Paris Saint Germain where legendary players like Mbappé, Neymar and Buffon where their club colors are. It was amazing to see how many US supporters in attendance in Paris. The stadium was sold out and the atmosphere was great. It was a great game to watch and it looks like we saw the next World Cup Winner - TEAM USA. After the game we had the opportunity to stop by at a local pub and tasted some typical French beverages. After a long busy day full of amazing soccer action, a smooth ride home was well deserved on the way back home to Germany. Au revoir Paris!


    Follow us in Facebook and Instagram @prosoc_tours TODAY for our latest tours and information!



    Parents and Kids from KMC and Wiesbaden District came together for an amazing opportunity to go enjoy a trip with ProSoc TOURS. This One Day Trip to the city of Stuttgart provided tons of lifelong memories and experiences both on and off the field activities. After arriving in Stuttgart, we started directly with the stadium tour to the historic Bundesliga stadium, the Mercedes Benz Arena. Afterwards there was a two-hour training session led by three professional coaches from the VFB Stuttgart organization with different aspects of soccer during this session.


    During this time, parents had time to explore the area around the stadium and enjoy some time exploring. After the training, we were lucky enough to go together and enjoy a Bundesliga matchday inside the Mercedes Benz Arena and watched the professional game VFB Stuttgart against Bundesliga rivals, Werder Bremen. The Highlight of the Day was that our kids went with the mascot from VFB Stuttgart and walked around the field in front of 58,000 roaring soccer fans! End of the day approached, and both KMC/Wiesbaden players and their families had time to go to the Canstatter Wasen. The Canstatter Wasen is the second largest October festival in Germany and is directly next to the Mercedes Benz Arena.


    All in all, the trip was a great success and us at ProSoc TOURS would like to thank the players and their families for an amazing trip! ProSoc TOURS will be hosting more trips the rest of this year and exciting new destinations for 2019! Visit the rest of our website at www.prosoctours.com and check out our next set of trips, we would love to have you!

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  • KMC GIRLS 2018



    Denmark trip was a culture experience that not many get to have in their lives. At ProSoc TOURS, we were able to take the KMC District girls teams to an unforgettable trip to Denmark and left at six in the morning from Ramstein. Our trips not only involve top tier soccer tournaments but also small stops that leave lasting impressions such as the stadium tour of the historic Bundesliga club, Hannover 96 and having a nice lunch at a nearby lake. The bus trip was long and fun as the girls were able to connect with each other, telling stories, listening to music, singing, and so much more.


    Arriving at midnight, the girls were able to get their rest on the bus and the school that so graciously hosted us for the Nothalm Cup. High level competition was from top to bottom and the organization of the tournament was greatly executed by the organizers. The girls were able to go undefeated and had tons of fun to play against high level teams to test themselves to show them their own strengths and even weaknesses. Throughout the second day, the girls had a “light” day where they only played one game and won it convincingly. With success comes great responsibility and that responsibility was ice cream with the team!


    Overall the girls ended the tournament undefeated and turned many heads from other teams in the international stage which was great to see and experience. Putting KMC District on the map, the girls returned to Germany with their heads held high ready for more soccer when they get back.

  • KMC BOYS 2018



    The Vienna trip would be a huge step forward for the KMC Boys to succeed on the international stage of soccer. With success of our KMC Girls in Denmark, the boys were just as hungry to prove they had what it takes to play against and surpass the competition. From May 18th to 21st, KMC Boys were on the way to Vienna, Austria known as the City of Music. With the city known for its historical musical sound, the boys wanted to bring their own “artistic” styles to the game of soccer and it started on the first day when we departed Ramstein at six in the morning. The long bus ride was finally completed when we arrived to the Hostel where we stayed which provided great hospitality for the players and staff. On thesecond day we went together with all four teams representing KMC to the tournament ceremony where the tournament organizers introduced the teams which was a great spectacle for the players to be involved. The boys were focused and determined.


    Directly after the ceremony, they all had to play their first game against tough opponents. The teams did well on the first day against teams with unique playstyles that the boys were able to adapt quickly and shutdown high quality players. After a long sunny day of soccer, we got on the bus to Vienna for a beautiful sightseeing tour around the city with one of the most important things to have: ice cream—a ProSoc TOURS tradition. To top off a great day, the players were able to enjoy a tour with their families and everything on the trip. Day three had some positive things go for the boys representing their districts. May 21st were the tournament’s last games and the boys faced outstanding competition, but unfortunately fell short.


    However, the KMC Boys were able to leave with their heads held high and showing limitless potential all learning something new before the trip to Vienna. After the tournament, the boys were super excited to hear that we were going to watch SK Rapid Wien versus SCR Altach, which was a great experience for all to hear the roars of the fans in such an important match and watch high quality soccer. On the last day we went back to Germany and did a quick stop in Salzburg at the Red Bull youth academy facility. We were invited to do a tour and had dinner at the training ground and were able to sit with the professional youth players. They were able to give the KMC Boys a perspective of what it takes to have their game reach new heights.



    In April 2017 the ODP Europe Girls team traveled to Spain, to enjoy a great soccer experience there. The first days of the trip, they trained under the Spanish sun and visited a professional training session with the women`s team of our partner club U.D. Levante. The following days they played some friendly games against local Spanish teams and created new friendships with the Spanish players. Another highlight of the trip was when they traveled to Valencia for a stadium tour and a meeting with the professional women`s team of Valencia C.F.


    A very special experience was a training session with a youth Spanish head coach. They enjoyed a great opportunity when they got a guided city tour in Barcelona with a stadium tour at the Camp Nou, the famous home of Barcelona F.C. The girls certainly flew home with great memories about this trip.

1. Conclusion of the travel contract
1.1 The travel contract is concluded in writing, verbally or by telephone.
By registering, the customer offers ProSoc the conclusion of a travel contract binding. The complete general travel conditions are part of our offers and will be sent before every contract.
1.2 The application is made by the participant for whose contractual obligations the applicant is liable as well as for his own obligations, provided that he has accepted a corresponding separate obligation through an explicit and separate declaration.
1.3 The customer is bound to the registration for 14 days. The trip will be confirmed at this time by ProSoc. Short-term bookings, 14 days before the start of the journey and shorter, lead to the conclusion of the contract by the immediate confirmation or by the admission to the journey. The travel applicant confirms the registration for travel by at least one down payment within 30 days. If this does not happen, ProSoc may refrain from the reservation if the traveler refrains from doing so when requested to do so.
1.4 The travel contract becomes effective as soon as the customer has received a written travel confirmation.

2. Services by ProSoc TOURS
2.1 Our contractual services are based on the service description and the general instructions in our flyers / offers and on the related information of the travel confirmation. 

2.2 The information received in flyers / offers is binding on us. However, we reserve the right to declare a change to the offers prior to conclusion of the contract for objectively justified, substantial and unpredictable reasons, which we will of course inform the traveler prior to booking.
3. Service changes
Changes and deviations of individual travel services from the agreed content of the travel contract, which become necessary after the conclusion of the contract and which were not restored by the tour operator, are only permitted if the changes or deviations are not significant and do not affect the overall layout of the booked trip. ProSoc is committed to the customer to notify you of such changes or deviations in performance immediately.

4. Resignation and rebooking on the part of the customer
4.1 The customer can withdraw from the trip at any time prior to departure. Decisive is the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal at ProSoc. The resignation must be in written form.
4.2 ProSoc may set a compensation claim taking into account the following breakdown after the date of withdrawal from the contractually agreed travel date as a percentage of the travel price:

Up to 42 days before departure 30%
Up to 30 days before departure 50%
Up to 14 days before departure 80%
Up to 7 days before departure 100%
Non-attendance without prior cancellation 100%
For day trips, from the 14th day before arrival 100% of the total price will be charged.

5. spare travelers
5.1 The participant can`t be replaced by a third party until the beginning of the journey.
5.2 In the event of withdrawal, ProSoc may demand from the customer the additional costs actually incurred.

6. Interruption of the trip
If the trip is terminated due to illness, ProSoc is obliged to reimburse the service providers for the costs incurred. This does not apply if completely insignificant benefits are involved or if a reimbursement is in conflict with statutory or regulatory requirements.

7. Withdrawal or termination of travel by ProSoc
ProSoc may withdraw from the travel contract in the following cases before the start of the journey or terminate the travel contract after commencement of the journey:
Up to 7 days before departure, if the minimum number of participants has not been reached. In this case, ProSoc is obliged to inform the customer immediately after knowledge of the number of participants not reached, at the latest 7 days before departure, the resignation.

8. Force Majeure
8.1 If the journey is made considerably more difficult, endangered or impaired as a result of unforeseeable force majeure (e.g. War, terrorism, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters, sovereign order, destruction of accommodation, etc.), both ProSoc and the participant can enter into the contract only in accordance with the provision for termination due to force majeure (§ 651 j BGB) terminate. The legal consequences follow from § 651 j II BGB.
8.2 ProSoc will reimburse the fare paid in this case, but may demand reasonable compensation for services rendered or to be provided.

9. Warranty and remedy 
If the travel services are not in accordance with the contract, the traveler may demand redress, unless these require a disproportionate effort. The remedy consists in the elimination of the travel shortage or an equivalent replacement service.

10. Limitation of Liability
10.1 The liability for ProSoc as a tour operator for the travel contractually agreed services are in accordance with the German statutory provisions.
10.2 For the customer's claims for damages against ProSoc for tort, which is not based on intent or gross negligence and does not affect bodily injury, reference is made to the statutory provisions.
10.3 Liability or exclusionary statutory provisions based on international conventions, which may be used by a service provider appointed by us, shall also be in our favor.

11. Passport, visa and health regulations
11.1 ProSoc refers to passport, visa requirements and sanitary formalities. The traveler is solely responsible for obtaining the travel documents.
11.2 arise, e.g. Due to the lack of personal travel requirements, difficulties due to the traveler's behavior (e.g., not obtaining the required visa), the traveler can not resign free of charge or take advantage of individual travel services without consequences.
12. Jurisdiction
12.1 The traveler may sue the tour operator only at his seat.
12.2 Claims by the tour operator against the traveler shall be determined by the domicile of the traveler, unless the claim is directed against registered traders or persons who have moved or resided abroad after the conclusion of the contract or whose domicile or habitual residence in Time of filing the action is unknown. In these cases, the location of the tour operator is authoritative.

13. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions
The ineffectiveness of individual provisions does not justify the ineffectiveness of the travel contract otherwise.

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